Our company was founded in Laguna Larga, province of Cordoba, Argentina, by mid-2012 to delight our clients with some unique flavors of our land. Over the years, the company’s continued growth led to new headquarters in Marcos Juarez.

We have a processing plant and countrywide distribution and are certified by the National Registry of Establishments and the National Registry of Food Products, the RNE and RNPA, for their acronyms in Spanish. With over one hundred years in the industry, we take special care in offering a wide range of flavors, original recipes, and pickled meats and vegetables to delight our clients.

We are market leaders thanks to our production capacity, our safe, quality products and the wide range of flavors we offer.


Our company aims to offer products from wild meats to our clients: pickled wild boar, llama, deer, rabbit, and vizcacha, as well as goat, lamb, pork, and chicken.


Our wild meats come from legal hunting grounds and are processed in meatpacking plants that supply us with excellent meats.


Our company participates in the following food industry events and trade shows in Argentina: Caminos y Sabores, FIAR, Rural de Palermo, and MASTICAR to continue gaining clients that have the chance of tasting our products.